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I'm simply bored with the Ann Taylor daily flash sales at differing discount amounts, which they refuse to honor from day to day. Additionally, their quality of clothing has suffered extensively. Not well constructed nor great materials for the most part. Executive Customer Service is absolutely worthless. They sound as if they read from a script. meaningless apologies and gift certificates... Read more

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Recently over the holidays, I received an email from LOFT saying that there was an online flash sale of "60% Off Sale." Since the majority of my wardrobe is made up of LOFT clothing, I thought I'd check it out. The minimum for free shipping was $125, but I found a lot of nice things that I hadn't seen in stores so that wasn't much of an issue. Then came the first problem. I had all of my... Read more

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I have shopped ann Taylor loft for at least 20 years. It's all I ask for for birthdays anniversaries and Christmas but I can't find a decent store w nice employees. It's usually the managers that are rude and condescending. I'm in Ft Worth TX Add comment

Long story short…I place my order on 12/12/15. 6 weeks later I have been on the phone with Loft online 3 times with no solution to my issues. I have received the same necklace twice and both times it was damaged. I received a pair of socks instead of a different necklace I had ordered and had to send the socks back in order to receive the necklace (sorry, not my fault it was yours!). My order... Read more

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Last year I made a purchase at the LOFT store in Barton Creek Mall, Austin. The sales girl tried to sell me on starting a charge card and I declined. The purchase was charged to my Am Ex. Then another sales girl pointed out the advantages on a LOFT card and I agreed to start one. She tried to void the purchase, told me she wasnt able to. Today, months after my purchase i got a call from Eugene at... Read more

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I ordered 3 items as a Christamas gift on 12/1/15. I never received this order. I went back and forth with their customer service via email and had to finally call them. As of today, 1/7/16 they have credited my credit card for only 1 of the 3 items they charged me for. Horrible customer service! Add comment

I don't have an issue with the quality of the clothing from Loft (you get what you pay for and I'm not going to quibble about the quality of a polyester crepe top for $19!) What I do have an issue with is that they seem to have an archaic inventory/computer system for their online store. Recently, for the third time, I ordered an item that not only showed as being in stock when I ordered it, but... Read more

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I was in the Hilton Head area recently so I went to the outlets ... The manager in The Loft was snapping at the employees and sounded very rude to them ... She had a boys name on her tag ... The prices were pretty good though and the other employees seemed great Add comment

I placed an order for 3 suits (jackets and pants) on Monday. Got a confirmation, credit card was charged. On Friday, I received an email informing me that two of the jackets were no longer available. (Seriously? Four days after getting a confirmation?) Fine. Called to cancel the two matching pants. Was told that they can't make any changes to an existing order, and that I could simply return the... Read more

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WOW...After my last experience i swore i'd never shop here again but I've had one problem..I ordered a sheath dress and didn't get the matching blazer which is a fabric i can't find anywhere else so i gave them a second chance..spent a while on the website, had to enter all my information, dig my credit card out to pay, etc taking about 30 minutes of my time to place the order today on CYBER... Read more

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